Full Disk Error

Hello there, this is my first topic in zorin forum
my problem is that ZorinOS says to me that i have a full disk, my disk haves a capacity of 120gb, zorin says that my disk is full when i just use 32gb of my entire disk PD : i cant upload photos about my disk/some data cuz i dont have any space to save the screenshots

Do you have separate partitions for Root and Home?
It may be that /var/logs/ have filled - root is filled.

No, i dont have separated partitions

Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/*

That should clean out some space to give you a small bit of breathing room.

What size is the partition that Zorin OS is on?
You can check this in Disks or Gparted or Disk Usage Utility

Check if you have Snap packages taking up a lot of space (They can be really bloated):

du -h /var/lib/snapd/snaps

Thank you, now i can download files

Any results on the above?

Yes, the size of the partition is 120gb
and snaps takes 1gb of space

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