Full permission when accessing ZorinOS via xrdp

I have the following question/problem...

I installed Xrdp on my ZorinOS Core and I'm managing to access it normally via RDP(mstsc) from Windows. However, I can't make changes like turning off and on Wifi, changing Zorin Appearance among other settings, which I can only do by accessing the PC in person.

Is there any configuration that you can change in order to be able to make any and all changes even when accessing via Xrdp?

Thank you very much in advance!

You may be looking for a way of using an existing session:

Or a way to create custom rules (Policy Kit .pkla file):

Hi @Aravisian !

Thanks for the feedback and sending the links.

In fact, I wouldn't intend to change the DE, I would use the ZorinOS default, I would just like to have the same privileges through Xrdp as I have when I'm using the system locally. It's possible?

The link is not offering to change the D.E., but to allow the user to remotely connect to that D.E.'s session.

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