Full Screen makes fractional scaling go bonkers

Attaching a video as I'm not sure if words would completely describe the situation

Basically, if you full screen something (my case: vlc) while on fractional scaling (125%), the screen tries to go back to 100%, then tries to come back to 125% and so on. One thing I've noticed is that if I don't move the mouse, this doesn't seem to happen, so maybe rendering the mouse is what is causing this issue.

Now, I've read a few similar bugs on Ubuntu launchpad but none of them are solved (or even assigned). Most of them talk about some issue with mutter but I checked and realised that mutter is not even installed on Zorin so that cannot be the source of the bug. So I'm looking if someone has found a workaround or some patch.

PS: even after closing VLC, some gnome screens still don't look properly ( render at 100% and not at 125%) This however can be solved by restarting gnome ( alt+f2 and r)

As it is currently, Fractional Scaling is a Work in Progress. In my opinion, it is nowhere near ready for daily use.

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