Full translation of Zorin OS and system applications into Russian. There is also a wish for the installer.

Hi all! Thanks to the developers for this Linux distribution)
Installed Zorin 16.2 Pro on a PC with the following specifications:
• CPU: I3-5005U
• GPU: GeForce 920M
• RAM: 8 GB in single channel mode

Initially everything is nice and smooth, but in some system applications (if you "dig" deeper), you still find English. Apologies for the lack of screenshots!
I would like full localization in all pre-installed applications. Ready to help with this♥


I would also like to note that when installing the PRO version, extra software is downloaded (for example, two video editors, two photo editors, a utility for disk recording). I understand that your distribution is used in school institutions, etc., but most ordinary users immediately delete unnecessary software after installation.
This can be solved simply! You need to add a menu "For advanced users", when you click on it, you can install/remove unnecessary software.

P.S. I am from Russia, maybe my opinion and wishes will not be taken into account. This text was written through DeepL-translator. Please do not swear for possible mistakes in the text/context.
Thank you for your understanding, I will wait for feedback :innocent:


Regarding the extra software that's going to be installed by the PRO version. There's an option called "minimal installation". If you tick this option, you almost get bare bone of Zorin OS (with the exception of Office and Cheese application).
But a pick'n'choose software that you want to be installed seems like a nice idea.

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Yes, of course, but "bare bone" is not needed either. I think we all found the times of pirated Windows, where you are offered a lot of things to choose from, that is, by default (for example, Libre Office) nothing is set.

I mean that it will be convenient for an experienced user to remove / add the necessary "flags" once, and then he will use only the necessary programs.

If you take a clean installation, then it will take a lot of time to remove one office, install another office + you will need to look for programs in the package manager.

It would be great if you click on the button: "Programs - For Advanced Users Only":
○ Browsers:
► Opera
► Brave
► Chromium
► Google Chrome
► Edge
► Firefox

○ Office
► WPS office
► Onlyoffice
► Libre Office
► My Office (Мой Офис / Р7)

So you can categorize other software (photo, video, 3D and their processing).
I think the logic here is clear. Thank you for your quick response!

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I have stated elsewhere before, translation into other languages is dependent upon volunteers such as yourself. Remember each application is a project in itself, so if you are happy to provide Russian translation for all the apps that you use then go for it! :wink:

Please send a link to a file/checklist/repository where I can translate the text.

Didn't realise this but it shut down in 2021 - there is still a forum though!

The forum is half-alive. I wrote to two CEOs about translation: @AZorin and @zorink

You might be able to assist with elements of the OS, but they have no control over applications. You would need to make contact with the developers of each app. LibreOffice uses a tool called weblate:


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