Future is here (kind of ig)

So today I came across this video

WTH is this? I mean it looks good but is that even possible? What do you think?


Yes, it is definitely possible. Using various extensions and recoding, Gnome D.E. can be make quite interesting.


Completely overhauled my panel - so it's possible in Gnome.


I had commented on that video, so they replied me and actually gave me the link of that OS. Would that be safe to install?
LXOS2.iso - Google Drive
Here's the link

Why? You can just install Zorin and Mod your Desktop like that.
Trusted Source + Stable Desktop.

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I'm lazy lol. Tbh I do customize Windows and I have also tried Zorin and I love it. Still My work doesn't allows me to use linux. I use Linux cause I'm curious and I love play ing with my PC. I have installed zorin in my old laptop plus I also have Zorin 17 on this pc as alternative OS but I can't SWITCH to zorin. I just wanted to see how far has linux came in terms of stability and looks. That's is the only reason I asked whether it is safe or not........

I switched to Linux for my daily driver. Gaming, Video Editing, Coding, etc.

ISO Files from a Google Drive location seems not very "trusty" ....


I am more lucky - I switched to GnuLinux out of necessity at the time. It became my daily driver. Then work considered it a bonus that I was using GnuLinux and transferred me to a better position.

I do not know if the .iso is 'safe' or not, but you can check the SHA and it looks a lot more like they are just promoting their product.


tried on a VM under KVM. It does run about 1 minute before it abends and freeze ... Not even ready for alpha ...

and the ISO is a 12Gb monster ...

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