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I recently installed zorin OS on an old PC and it works good as new now. I'm looking for alternatives to my galaxy tab s3 that is very slow and has a lot of apps and functions I don't really use (only for PDF reading, PDFs that I have on a Dropbox account, so I only really need Dropbox access and pdf reader).

I was thinking about installing zorin os or another distro or even a non-linux alternative to the original OS on this tablet. I think it's a good tablet that can be saved.

Any tips/ideas on this?

I would recommend installing something made for this type of devices, like LineageOS:

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I didn't know it's possible to install Zorin OS on mobiles :iphone::face_with_monocle:.

Sometime back, I installed Zorin 15lite on my old Samsung Galaxy phone. There are pictures floating around somewhere of it...

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Well, I have to check better about it. I supposed that the mobile OS download was on Zorin official page but I don't see it there. Otherwise I'd already be having Zorin OS on a phone of mine :wink:.

No, there is not a Zorin OS Mobile version. This was not a Zorin Edition; it was something that I did fooling around.

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I wanted to know if I could.
You know how a Zorin OS install usually takes maybe 40 minutes at most... Well, that one took me about a week. A week of figuring out how to patch compatibility and adding other software to enable being able to install Zorin - I needed a lot of extra stuff.
And it worked. My finger on the touchscreen moved a tiny little mouse on the screen.
It was not winning any speed races... But it was not super sluggish or anything. It worked just fine.
I did not find it usable. The resolution was pretty much the same as it would be on a desktop computer, but on a 5inch screen. Typing meant pulling up the on screen keyboard which overlay across the screen during the duration of typing (or should I say pecking at tiny little letters). It was hard to read.
So it was a frustrating, boundary pushing yet fun project. But not one I care to repeat since it was not rewarding in functionality, only in brain swelling.

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You mean that you tried making an OS compiling procedure? I read on some OS pages that despite some specific devices aren't supported yet users can anyway compile the OS by their own to fit their own devices specs.

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I would say your emoticons are very accurate.

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By the way, none of them are what I'd do, because surely I'd have no patience in compiling, I ultimately have no experience and then I'd never smash something for such reasons :grin:. The maximum I'd do would be tapping a lot on the phone. Well, it's what many people do when the phone hangs.

โ†งโ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–” :point_down:โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”

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