Game options wine or proton?

Before I start remember I'm a newbie to Linux, some games struggle to run on Steams proton, is there an advantage in running games on Wine, or is it just the way Linux runs none Linux games?

As far as I know, Proton itself was branched off Wine, specifically for supporting Steam games, so for non-Steam games, Wine might still be a better choice.

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So is "Wine" able to be installed via the Terminal? thank you for the replies. :innocent:

Well, you can install it with apt, yes, but Zorin comes with Lutris, no? IIRC, that already contains Wine.

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" Lutris, no? IIRC, " now your losing me, so if wine is installed how do I open that? promise no more stupid questions for a month OK :wink:

Hey, no worries, I'm a Linux newbie myself.
IIRC = If I remember correctly
Lutris - a game manager for Linux, if my memory serves, it's installed with Zorin (but it may be that I installed it myself). Try searching for it in the main menu under Games.

Yes it is installed on Zorin I just typed Lutris in Software and it came up it says "installed" in my case .... also typed it in the search bar of the Menu and it also came up ....

Frog, Thank you so very much your a super star!


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