Games without DRM

Here is link anticheat games on linux.


Can I assume that some of these games listed as M$ windows and not Linux can be run under Proton ???? ......

Thanks .... I usually just download a game and if it says 'not compatible' while Proton set in 'Experimental' as default then I check it out on ..... to find the closest version to the matches listed .....

Yes I know of that particular app but I don't use Wine or Flatpak and have neither installed ..... but thanks for that info anyway ..... it is just a personal thing with me .....

I only had the first one enabled but I'll enable the second one as well ..... thank you again for your help ..... you certainty have made a big difference in my gaming ability using Zorin ..... :+1: :smile:

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Well you live and learn, never knew about DRM thank you. :wink:

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