GCC 10.3.0 Missing Zorin 16 Beta

Hello is it possible to ship Zorin 16 with latest GCC. Trying to install VMware Workstation 16.x and it states GCC is missing. Will provide screenshot.gcc2

I highly doubt it, as it's an ubuntu maintained package which is a snapshot of Debian.

But you could try build gcc locally on your system and show VMware it's location. You'll find it here: Index of /sites/sourceware.org/pub/gcc/releases/gcc-10.3.0

Is your Software Updater pointing at "Main Server" or a local national server? Main Server is considered best, but is not default out of the box.

This is interesting, as it shouldn't be demanding gcc be installed.
Searching the web, I found this post from 2016 - generally, it should still apply. But you may need to change the commands for the download and version you are currently using:

Haven't checked on that yet, but are you able to query apt for GCC 10.3?