GDM Settings Problems on Zorin 17 Pro


i tried to customize my GDM3 Login - but GDM Settings won't work.
Tried to set all Flatpack right (via flatseal) to GDM-Settings, but the GDM3 Login seems to be modified?

Any Idea how to get gdm-settings to change my GDM3 Session?

PS: Next try would be to build GDM3/GDM-Settings from source ....

What do yu want to do with GDM-Settings? Does the Program do nothing at all or not only a specific Thing?

Tried to change the Wallpaper on GDM3 - since the GDM Script seems also to be broken.

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I tried it by myself and I can confirm that the Wallpaper Change is not working. Other changes were applied. But this is interessting because I used this Program on Zorin 16 and there the Change of the Wallpapers worked with GDM Settings.

Yeah so this seems to be a Problem on Zorin 17 - imho

It is not directly a Problem from Zorin itself; it is more a Problem with gdm3. I tried dconf and there is an Entry for the Login Screen but there is nothing for the Background.

The only Thing that I found was a Description on askubuntu for Ubuntu 22.04. The Problem ist that Ubuntu itself has Gnome 42. So, I don't know if this will work. The other thing is that you need a Script from someone from github. I don't try it because I don't have enough Trust in it and it is for me to risky.