GDM3 Login Screen Issues. Fix?

Hey folks... still loving Zorin, and set it up on a Thinkpad for my daughter. Everything is great... well; almost.

I wanted her to have a specific background for the gdm3 login system. I used a github tool, for ZorinOS and gdm3, that halfway successfully changed the screen - except it wasn't perfect. The file I selected was super distorted and didn't look great... so, I set it to just a background COLOR CODE of yellow and.... welll - its OK now.

Is there anyway to revert to stock settings? To repair Zorin-BlueLight or whatever it was? What I did was run 'zoringdm3' with a background.jpg; but it didn't come out looking great... then I ran 'zoringdm3 #YELLOWCODE' and it... its OK - but I want to revert to stock if possible.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to get this laptop out to my daughter; and I don't want some ugly yellow screen. Bleck. OR, if you know how to make a different photo look GOOD on the login screen. HMPH.

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This is why I prefer LightDM over GDM3. GDM3 is hard to configure and customize and buggy.

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Ok; can I install LightDM and remove GDM3 - and doso with it working perfectly on Zorin? I'm fairly... good w/ Linux, not afraid of modifying things - and don't understand why I can't figure out GDM3. LOL. I just want the system to look great and be functional. I don't care if I use LightDM.....

How does one easily switch over? Thanks for the reply, too.
If I could use LightDM and select her wallpapers for the background ; and get it looking good, that would be great.

Yes; I only use LightDM. It is the first thing I do is replace GDM3 with LightDM.
The second thing I do is install

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

which is a GUI tool to configure and modify any element of the LightDM greeter screen.

The GUI tool offers a lot of options - probably all that you need. But it does not offer everything that LightDM can do... To go further, you must modify the lightDM.conf file.

Install lightdm from terminal

sudo apt instlal lightdm

A configuration tool will open In the Terminal itself. Select LightDM as your default Display Manager. Just follow the prompts.
You can leave GDM installed - it could be a fallback point.
Once installed, if you need any tips on configuration as a first time user, please feel free to ask here.

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Understood, and I understand everything you're saying. I know I can run sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3 to select one or the other - but I also like the idea of a GUI editor... especially since this laptop is going to my daughter.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm gonna get to installing lightdm - and will remove gdm3 after if all goes well. Hmmm - wonder if I should try to reinstall gdm3 to see if it fixes my modifications.

At any rate, thanks.

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Its so weird; the backgrounds/wallpapers won't show up in LightDM either. Is using the /usr/share/backgrounds/ directory not... I mean; its shared.

Hmmmm. I select a wallpaper/background, LightDM is showing black... come on man. :confused: LightDM is a bit ugly at first setup, too. Hmph.

Permissions issue. I just had to 755 the directories; I had them in a /Wallpapers I added myself... and then the backgrounds showed right up.

Now I'm thinking that gdm3 would display them correctly too.... :stuck_out_tongue: LOL. Are there any pretty add-ons for LightDM or... ???

At the head of the class...

I am not aware of any add-ons for LightDM, GDM or SDDM...

Quite possible - you can check by switching to GDM and testing.

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I wanted to come back and post another tool I've found that REALLY helped me. Its called GDM-TOOLS;

Then, just type:

set-gdm-theme -r (to reset to default...)

After which, theres easy tools to list all installed themes, select one and add a background image w/o screwing up anything else in GDM3. It was the best set of tools I've found, way better than loginized or zoringdm3 - IMO...

GDM-TOOLS got me ironed out with GDM3 back to normal.

Thanks for the lightdm help, aravisian.

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