Geforce Gt 730 Support?

First of all - Wow.

First time I have used Zorin and its blown me away. Just works out of the box, the speed, and the appearance and everything else.

I do have a question, does anyone know if it supports Geforce GT 730 GPU. I am about to buy a used GT 730 and would like to know before I go ahead.

I know Zorin is based on ubuntu 20.04 and reading around I have see mixed results (although that may be just for Tensorflow part)


I think it's supperted by the Open Source Driver, but not Nvidia's own driver. So if you're looking for 3D gaming. It's a no. The GT 730 card support was dropped with the 390 driver.

I'm not looking to game with it, just for desktop and drive a couple of monitors so should be ok I guess.

Anyway to verify for sure what the opensource drivers support?


I'm not sure. I never used the open source driver, let me see if I can find something on the net.

great it looks like it does support it. I've bought a 4k monitor and hoping the driver will support the card

Is your computer too old for newer nvidia cards?


I have an ancient PC, just dont want to upgrade yet. Just looking for a ultra cheap GPU to drive a 4k monitor. If I have have to spend any more on GPU, then I might as well upgrade the entire PC

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I currently use a 730 GT with Z-16 and It does require a propriety driver if comes with a fan. The fan screams with the open source driver. Some 730 cards can use a driver newer than the 390 depending on build/brand.


Hello Tech!

Storm is correct. Nvidia did drop support for the GT series cards, but like Storm said, the 390 driver should drive it. Also, the Nvidia 390 driver should support 4K. So as long as the driver is able to well, drive the card ok, there is no need for an open source driver.

As far as looking at info regarding your GPU and controlling fan speeds, there is a linux app called Green With Envy. Also, you can get info and adjust a few important things regarding your GPU using the Nvidia X Server Settings app.

So there are indeed options still available to older Nvidia card owners. I can't remember if the GT 730 had support for only 2 monitors, or if it could support 3 or 4, I am sure Storm knows.

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GT 730 cards with a Fermi chip on the GPU Can only use the 390 driver. There are versions of the card without this chip.Fan speed control is not supported on the EVGA card I use.

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