GeForce GTX 680 Driver issues, When Installing Zorin OS 16.3

I have both updated to 16.3 and install it from scratch. On my Samsung laptop everything was smoothly. But on my pc (self build, Asus board, Intel 5 rev. 4, 32 G ram) it is another story. I have a GeForce GTX 680 card, which had no problem with 16.1 and 16.2. After update to 16.3 it took a day or two and suddenly my nvidia470 driver was obsolete. New installation, checked additional driver, reinstate Nvidia, wrote yet another secure key (never to be requested) and rebooted. After some minutes graphics value changed and a black frame around the newly reduced screen. It is not the Nvidia card, this is written on my newly installed Kubuntu 23.04 - my previous favourite Linux.

You are not referring to MOK, here, correct?

MOK handles Secure Boot and not all Nvidia Drivers got signed off for passing through secure boot.

Yes, MOK - used this on earlier installation, maybe not on Nvidia.
When I reinstate the card (nvidia470) the system requires me to make a key, but it up start again for a short period without any MOK request.
Kubuntu 23.04 just implement it automatically.
I did not had this problem with previous 16.*

Nvidia is notorious with trouble getting through Secure boot.

Gday @cathorse
Please run a BIOS firmware update.
As it seems you have had trouble with prior installs/updates, this may help.

Sorry, did not fix it - i'll take a Zorin break and return when an update pops up. Or maybe a 17 beta?

Have you tried rolling back to the previous -56 kernel?

NO - but I will be back

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