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Jelly Mode debuts as a new feature in Zorin 16 Beta, and personally, I find it quite appealing. The visual effect of tabs wobbling adds a satisfying touch. Even when minimizing apps, Jelly Mode enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a unique and enjoyable experience. It transforms the perception of apps from mere boxes to dynamic elements.

I wonder if others share the same sentiment. A big thank you to the developers for bringing Jelly Mode to fruition.


Long, long ago when I was just getting used to Ubuntu, Beryl was released; so awesome. Jelly mode reminds me of that for sure. Compiz is the new rendition of Beryl - desktop cube, wobbly windows, maximize / minimize effects; definitely something wild for the time. Was definitely glad to see that was an out of the box item :grin: You can tweak the settings with Extensions btw; render speed, effects with / without wobbly windows - there may be some other extensions to install for more effects / options. Not too sure though but, is definitely awesome! :sunglasses:

I was saddened to see the lack of Compiz (can now only be found in an OS written by a fanatic about Qanon), for the reasons I made in this video, a few years ago now:

Assistive Technology in Compiz on Vimeo

Mint has Compiz OOB :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will have to check it out. :wink:

I found it interesting but disabled the effect after a while... I prefer my windows to be predictably boring and robust (and not consuming resources unnecessarily) :smiley:

Compiz, themes, icon sets, extensions...
They are very popular. They also can be more work or an additional installation or even, like with Compiz and some extensions, heighten resource usage.

For many people, a desktop needs a sense of fun just as much as it needs predictability.
I can make an argument that if you are using your computer to perform work, you need it predictably boring and robust.
I can make an argument that is equally as valid that if you are using your computer to perform work, you need your computer to captivate your interest and ease the tedium and tension, too.

That is the beauty of it; and why it is so essential that themes, icons, extensions need to be respected, not discouraged or even, blocked by developers trying to enforce One Way of doing things.

Users need the ability to customize to their workflow and happiness meter.


This is it. Perfect! @Aravisian




session available Zorin 16 and is compatible with the compiz and the various plugin packages. I find it easier to locate these packages in synaptic package manger. I have to admit I haven't installed this kind of a desktop setup since 2018, but all the packages are available in the repository.

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Im also using the jelly mode in my system and i like it really much, i like Zorin. It's the first system that feels a little like Win7 but with a better experience. Everything i need is installed and ive installed a few other things like a music and video- player. Also im trying out new things like virtualbox just for fun and how it works with my dell E5450 i5 and 2,3 ghz. No problems! Only a few different things to learn how to set all parameters to get a second stable system on my system. Zorin is the first touch to linux and I have absolutely no regrets (-: So many little details i can change, maybe to much... and i know how to set the best scrolling experience in firefox, soooo smoooooth, because of a few touch-pad issues, or how the natural- scrolling can switched off. Also all points in the main/start menu, nice and clear like Win7, everything is listed nice and easy to find. Cant wait for Zorin17 and maybe i'll pay for it (-:
There are many other distros out there and some of them are in virtualbox, but Z.OS seems to be on of the best (for me).


Definitely this, monotony is bad even for productivity itself, we all need to add some personal touch to our machines from time to time. But for this effect in particular, I just find it very distracting after a while, especially when shifting or locking windows to one side of the screen with Super+ and similar.

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It is not unusual that I like a fun effect for a short time, then grow tired of it. Or, it is fun at first, but becomes distracting or interrupts workflow.
You are certainly not alone in this - I think it is quite normal. It is also important to have those occasional toys. You do not play a game all the time. You do not play only one game always. You pull them out when you want - and you want them to be there when you want them.

I see themes and Icon sets a bit differently than I see Compiz and Effects. Where the Effects are brief toys, themes and icons are a present background.
If I must spend hours at a computer hacking at code and tediously determining code and especially if doing this on a deadline... I find that a sense of joy from my background theme or interesting and appealing icons do absolute wonders for my work morale.

If I must spend 12 hours working on a project for example, @Storm's recent Alien Icon theme becomes a huge boon. Because six hours in, while I have switched to standing up instead of the chair and stretching a lot and the computer is heightened with the Desk Riser, I can Switch a Storm Icon theme and they are similar enough that I still know what they all are - but different enough that I get that sense of joy from having my eyeballs excited.

If my desktop is boring, my work is also boring. I do more work and I do better work when it is not boring.


Well unfortunately, LM doesn't play nicely with Ventoy. I got missing magic number message, then need to boot from kernel first message. And I don't want to waste another DVD like happened with Tuxedo!

Not sure about that one - don't run virtualization with my Linux systems. If it's not a full install, I don't want it lol

Moved this to Chat About Zorin as no help is being asked

Also Jelly mode is the reason I am on Linux, saw a review of Zorin with jelly mode, and thought "That's cool as hell" and switched from windows to Zorin


Some of the videos by @Storm have some cool effects while opening and closing windows as well.

Not a VM. Ventoy is USB boot media. I was wanting to view in live mode, but like Devuan live, LM will not boot into live mode using Ventoy.

Yep - know what Ventoy is. Thanks though :+1:

Well, yes, I must say that's a nice feature :smile:.

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