General advice on thin laptops

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On the Zorin main page, the OS is pictured on a nice looking piece of hardware. I know it's just a computer generated image however, I wondered if the community has any recommendations for thin laptops?

(It looks a bit like the Google Pixelbook Go, which it turns out is tricky and less than ideal to install Linux onto)

Thanks all

I use the Acer Swift 5. Depends on your budget.

Do you want a web browser/youtube machine or are you planning to do anything more?

Maybe give us your budget/what you need from the machine and we can give you better recommendations :slight_smile:

I've setup a Dell XPS 13 (I'm linking the latest, but I have the previous model) for my wife and I've got a custom-made Tuxedo InfinityBook 14 Gen6 which is amazing and incredibly more powerful.

The main reason for choosing either was great displays (pixel density), and well-supported hardware.

I'd totally recommend Tuxedo Computers for their great customization options and support, though I've had issues when replacing the original Ubuntu with Zorin after a kernel upgrade once (which was fixed after reverting the kernel, and eventually an update worked without problems anymore), because I chose a CPU/GPU that was bit too recent.

I found them while looking for European-based Linux-focused hardware makers, and while they're not the only option, they were one of the very few with good display options (usually everyone goes for "FHD" screens but I can't look at anything below 400ppi, on 13-15" size, which means UHD+).


Apologies, I should have been more specific.

Primarily a web browser machine, no heavy lifting at all. Nearly everything I do is in a browser so there can be quite a few tabs open at once.

Thank you, I've heard many good things about Tuxedo. I was intrigued by the XPS models as well but have read about issues with their wireless cards and drivers for them.

I really like StarLabs' latest laptop, looks very nice.

I was told some time ago by a Linux Magazine Editor that Clevo, Entroware, and Nova notebooks are all based on MSI motherboards, so if MSI notebooks can run GNU/Linux then any of those you will know will run Linux.

If you're looking to save money, how about buying a refurbished T series Lenovo laptop from Ebay? £ 200 range.

New laptops are around £ 420 range:
Still nice specs for what you need. I usually buy something like an i5/16GB RAM/ with a nice screen.

Once you have a general idea what you want, I would compare the processors so you get the maximum bang for your buck:

Thank you, good suggestions.

I’m looking for something as light and thin as possible, I’m expecting the cost to go up to accommodate this.

I think the Acer Swift range would be a good choice.

On an Amazon price tracker, this laptop has been as low as £ 632... So if you can wait, you'll get a good deal:

Nice screen, good specs, and a good deal too.

I've only just seen that Star Labs are bringing a StarFighter to their lineup, looks to be nice!

To save any headaches, as it is harder to iron out issues with Notebooks (Laptop is a misnomer and engenders bad practice!) then you are best buying Linux hardware such as Star Labs - at least you know everything is going to work out of the box!

Go with asus. They have lightest laptops with super fast speed.

I found Vivobook 14.

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