General question to updates (Firefox)

Dear Community,

I have a general question to updates, especially Firefox.

I have often noticed that updates take a long time. For example now Firefox V. 100. On Windows I got it last Tuesday. And here on Zorin 16.1 is still the 99.
So why does it take so long to update Firefox? Or do I something wrong?

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Which Firefox version are you using?

If you notice, you're using Ubuntu's version of Firefox if you're using the one from the store. So you have to wait until Ubuntu updates it.

I use the Firefox direct from Mozilla using the Tar ball. I'm on the update as soon as it is released.

I would say it depends from where you have installed FireFox. If I recall correctly, FireFox is already pre-installed on Zorin OS and it's installed from the Snap packages. If you install FireFox from the Ubuntu repository, then the version (I would assume) would be newer there.

Thanks for your replies :grinning:
Yes, it is the „Firefox for Ubuntu”. Does anyone know why Ubuntu needs that long to update it? I mean there are also security fixes in the new version…

@DeanG Thanks for the hint. Do you have a good tutorial how to install Firefox from Tar Ball (for beginners)?

In regards of Updates – does Firefox work the same way as under windows (you have the update button directly in Firefox) or do I have to install Firefox every time new as soon a new version is available?

There are step by step instructions right on Mozilla's website. Always check and read the website for instructions or they sometimes will be in the tar itself. Once you extract the tar read the read me file.

I get a notification that a new update is available and I download the new tar ball and install it. Takes me all of about 10 seconds start to finish.

Thanks for your information, DeanG :grinning:
I will try it with the tar ball of Firefox.

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