Genshin Impact on GeForce NOW

Hello, so I've been enjoying Zorin OS and i don't really mind the incompatibility with various apps, the alternatives that exist are good or even better than the ones in Windows! But there's one that I haven't encountered alternative, I'm somewhat addicted to Genshin Impact but my PC is really bad and I've tried to run it and it doesn't even get past the opening screen, so GeForce NOW added Genshin to their cloud service recently and that's how I've been playing but when I tried searching on the Linux version of GeForce, I didn't found it, doing some research, I've found that Genshin doesn't have support with Linux nor on the GeForce Linux version, I've tried installing the Windows version but it just fails, I've also tried on Wine and doesn't work either, does someone knows of any solution to that?

Mihoyo is very restrictive about platforms that can handle Genshin. It is not even permitted on Steam.

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