Get a "open as administrator" option in context menu just like in windows

i don't know if y'all know this but there is a way to get "Open as administrator" or "edit as administrator" in the context menu, just like we have it in windows.

to get this thing, go to terminal and run sudo apt install nautilus-admin and restart your pc and your done!

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Suspect that is fine for editing a text file but suspect trying to install a .deb file will still ask for your password (that elevates you to root) in order to run. Think your solution may only work for documents? Wait to be corrected! :wink:

From the repository description it looks like this option would only show for documents:

I edited the title and content to reflect that the option adds the "Open as administrator" or "Edit as administrator" context menu options in order to avoid confusion.

Adding this option allows a user to elevate the file manager to Root as needed. Or to elevate to root immediately in order to edit a configuration file in root without having to start all over. It is an excellent addition to the file manager.
You still must enter your root password, as always.


In my case, installing nautilus added an "Open using the graphics card", but not an option to run as administrator.

what does that option do?

Used whatever graphics card you have installed instead of the integrated graphics on the motherboard (if your system has that option).