Getting Davinci Resolve to work on Zorin OS 16.2 I OpenGL Driver Issues

Hey guys & gals of Zorin OS!

I'm in the process to ditch windows for Linux and chose Zorin OS to be the distro of my choice.
I use Davinci Resolve to edit my YouTube videos and have done so using my Hackintosh in the past. However, I would love to use Linux exclusively and also edit on here.
Well here is the problem you probably already anticipated - Davinci Resolve and Linux are not a match made in heaven to say the least (thx blackmagic) there are ways to install Resolve on Ubuntu which of course Zorin OS is based on - so I have run the "MakeResolveDeb" script and got it installed - however I am constantly running into the "Unsupported GPU Mode" OpenGL Error - meaning Resolve does not recognize that my AMD-GPU supports and uses OpenGL.

I have tried almost every tutorial out there and can confirm that OpenGL is installed and recognized by the system.

I would just wish for someone to give me some kind of tip on what to do and somehow fix this - if this should somehow work - I am ready to finally make the switch :smiley:

So here are my specs:

AMD RX 5500 XT
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Zorin OS is running on a 480GB SSD as well

Feel free to ask for any logs you may need - I just haven't attached any because there are so many different possibilities to check for OpenGL that I assume its better if you say what exactly you need and I deliver :smiley:

Any help is MUCH appreciated!

Thanks, guys & gals!

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There are a couple of previous questions re Davinci Resolve here on the forum. This one refers to Ubuntu 18.04 (Zorin 15) but may still be of some use.

As far as I know and read - DaVinci Resolve only works with Nvidia cards.

Thats actually not true - TechHut made a great video about it - however it did not really help me - but generally AMD cards should be able to work :slight_smile:

Thx for the suggestion - these are tutorials I actually have not tried yet - will try them and report back on the issue - it would be super dope to get Resolve to run on Zorin OS 16.2

I don't use YouTube at all now when the first amended Privacy Terms were released. I moved to Veoh and then to Vimeo. All my Vimeo uploads were created with KDEnlive. Wouldn't use anything else.

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