Getting LightDM working with Zorin OS Core

I'd like to enable guest user login on a computer running Zorin OS Core, and I understand a way to do this is to switch from GDM3 display manager to LightDM.

I tried steps 1 and 2 of the Ubuntu guide on the following web page to install and enable LightDM, and then rebooted the machine (didn't do step 3 as I want to get LightDM working before enabling guest sessions): How to enable guest sessions on an Ubuntu desktop

However when I try to login to an account via the LightDM login screen I just get a "failed to start session" message.

I can recover by accessing a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F2), logging in, switching back to gdm3 (sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3), and then rebooting.

However, I'd like to get LightDM working. I suspect I need some additional steps on top of those used in the Ubuntu guide above, but I don't know what.

Is anyone able to help?

I'm using Zorin OS Core 17, but I also previously tried with Zorin OS Core 16.3 and encountered the same issue.


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