Getting pushed weird notices in lower right calendar/notification panel

When I click the Date/time in lower right the notification screen pops up. It is saying I need to renew McAfee AV. Or, turn on your AV (click here) Of course I don't use that. Where are these notices pushed from? How do I manage what shows up in that panel?

They are probably being sent from your web browser. Most likely you have enabled push notifications on a shady website and they are sending you these notifications. I assume you are using Firefox. Open the Firefox settings and deny/remove the access to the websites with Push Notification permissions. To do that, search for Notifications in the Firefox preferences (about:preferences) and click on the Settings button. A window pops up. Now you can remove the websites that send these notifications.


Bingo! Spotted in permissions. I just didn't realize the OS allowed that from a browser. My ignorance

Thank you very much!!

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