Getting Sound To Work from your Mac

I have tried a few different methods, but so far none work.
I system is a 2017 27" iMac 40 gig Memory 4.2 GHz Quad Core intel i7. 1TB SSD HD.
On the Sound Settings its just Dummy Output.. Even the Zorin Team do not have a Solution, and they told me to join this Forum and see if someone could help.
I think Zorin 16.1 Pro is great, but having no sound is the deal breaker.
Surely there must be lots of other Mac User using Zorin..? I have tried other Distros and not had a problem with sound.. Yes I could put Ubuntu on and it would work fine, but I like Zorin Pro and want to stay with that.. I did try it on Oracle VM and the sound works, but again I do not want it on a VM. So if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
Thank You

Hi and welcome to the forum. Just to say, I do not have a imac, but have dealt with some Zorin Core sound issues affecting my old intel laptop in the past. Although the number of mac converts to ZorinOS has seemed to increase, I don't think there are many compared to PC Windows refugees, so help here may be a bit thin.

I just did a search on this forum "imac sound". The results of 2 other imac users threads were dissapointing in that no solutions were found.

You say you have tried a few different things and also contacted the devs. I guess you have therefore seen this: Set Up Sound - Zorin Help

Can you tell us what sound card you have?

Have you had a play with alsamixer run from terminal?
In alsamixer Can you hit [F5] to display "All" and then post a screenshot of the display here.

In the meantime you could also do a websearch "imac dummy sound ubuntu 20.04" and see what that gives.

here is one item from websearch, but don't know if it fits your case.

Hi, what kind of sound in iMac?

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