Getting X11VNC to run on startup


I would like to run X11VNC automatically on the startup. On Zorin 15 Lite I got it to work with a x11vnc.service file in .lib/systemd/system. On Zorin 16 Core it seems to work differently, but I don't know how.

Everything works except the startup. Any suggestions welcome!


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am using Realvnc viewer not a server, but I could auto start it by adding an entry to Startup Applications:

Click on Add button (top one on the right pane)
Then add

vncviewer (in my case) <- replace it with your command

for the command to be run at the startup.

You need to find how to open the application you want to run from the terminal but the rest is easy :slight_smile:



Thank you for your quick reply. I guess I just forgot to enable the service...

sudo systemctl enable x11vnc.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

ZorinOS is pretty cool by the way. Easy when you're used to the Windows GUI. It helped me giving some pieces of hardware a second life.

Don't know if that still will work if you restart the pc.
But perhaps you can edit it to the command line for the startup app.

Yes it works, also after a restart. I'm not sure if a Startup Applications command would work since it needs a trigger, like a log-in for instance.



Can you list the steps you did from the beginning? I can't seam to get it to work.

hello Dogboy7, welcome to this forum

Can u tell which connection you are trying to accomplish, using X11VNC?

On Zorin 16 pro I am trying to get x11vnc server (service) to run on startup. So I can connect to it with ultraVNC viewer (password prompt) from remote computer. Or a different VNC viewer flavor if UltraVNC viewer is not a viable viewer.

Well, I don't use it as a startup app but I believe you can set it up using the; Menu > System Tools - Startup Applications and Add
an executable for X11vnc. As command you can refer to /usr/bin/x11vnc.
This will make the application execute at startup.

But as you can see in the print screen above he does add these rules to the line. Because I set them manually, I'm not acquainted with them.
I also don't use a password because, I only use it as view-only and also have to added rules to the Firewall settings else the connection won't be established.

You should configure that in systemd. You can install X11VNC on ZorinOS 16 following a tutorial for Ubuntu 20. This is is an example Note the section 'VNC server system startup script'

Having said that: I'm not necessarily impressed by it's performance. I know there are other solutions, such as TigerVCN (which I couldn't get to work) and Krfb. The latter performs better but unfortunately doesn't seem to run as a service.

In any case: if anyone has a suggestion with a high performant RDP or VNC installation for Zorin, don't hesitate to post it here.

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