Ghostscript in Software Updater


hey guys, I just noticed this in my Software Updater. Please tell me what are these ghostscript and ghostscript-x?

Should I be worried about it?

No, any reason you should be?

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If I remember correctly ghostscript is part of GNU-core-utils and is used for pdf.
So you shouldn't worry

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I'm unfamiliar with core Linux things, still a newbie. The name felt sus to me that's why it got my attention.

Thanks for the info.

So it's needed for PDFs. Now I'm not worried.

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In that case I'll let you know right now about this thing called "tracker-miner-fs", which sounds terrifying at first but it's some sort of mechanism to index your files and directories to make searching them more efficient :slight_smile:


And rtkit daemon... it's not a rootkit. It's the Real-Time Kit, a D-Bus system service for scheduling user processes and threads.


I think this is a opportune moment to introduce c++, mascot drawn by then GNU's president Richard Stallman

Also it's general wisdom to not name sus things with sus names :wink:

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