Gigabyte Titan Ridge Thunderbolt(3) expansion card

Hey all,
Lenovo Thinkstation P520, Zorin OS 17 (22.04)
After some searches regarding Ubuntu drivers... not yet.
MoBo supports both VROC (RAID key) and Thunderbolt 3, via GPIO/PCIe 4x
PCIe ver. is 3.0
Ubuntu drivers?
or, has anyone found a TB card (PCIe 4x) with Ubuntu support/drivers?
Current offerings are Gigabyte Maple Ridge (TB4)...
website only offers Win support.

The link may shed some light on the problem , but doesn't address your question.
There has been TB support with the Linux kernel for some time , but I'm seeing work-arounds for various devices.

Have found that the most common issue, with Lenovo ThinkStations, is a misunderstanding of the BIOS setup required.
thank you for the tip.

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