Gitlab and Github discussions

Wish it was GitLab instead of GitHub which M$ now own!

Having done some more research GitLab is dancing with a different devil, Google!

Gitlab shows a lot of interest in cybersecurity companies, as well:


In March 2015, GitLab Inc. acquired Gitorious, a competing Git hosting service.[52] Gitorious had at the time around 822,000 registered users.[52] Users were encouraged to move to GitLab, and the Gitorious service was discontinued in June 2015.[52]

On March 15, 2017, GitLab Inc. announced the acquisition of Gitter.[53] Included in the announcement was the stated intent that Gitter would continue as a standalone project. Additionally, GitLab Inc. announced that the code would become open source under an MIT License no later than June 2017.[54]

In January 2018, GitLab Inc. acquired Gemnasium, a service that provided security scanners with alerts for known security vulnerabilities in open-source libraries of various languages.[55] The service was scheduled for complete shut-down on May 15. Gemnasium features and technology was integrated into GitLab EE and as part of CI/CD.[56]

On June 11, 2020, GitLab Inc. acquired Peach Tech, a security software firm specializing in protocol fuzz testing, and Fuzzit.[57]

On December 14, 2021, GitLab Inc. announced that it had acquired Opstrace, Inc., developers of an open source software monitoring and observability distribution.[58]

They acquired a couple of competitors, removing the competition.
I do not understand what Security Companies have to do with remote cloud serving. If that portfolio was more diverse, it might not stand out like a sore thumb.

GitLab is well-known for their CI/CD capabilities, and one important step is to continuously scan new code that is committed to version control for known vulnerabilities, outdated packages, etc.

I'm not sure what we're talking about but I would prefer Codeberg instead of the above. It used to use Gitea, which is a software that aims to be a GitLab/GitHub replacement with self-hosting capabilities. Gitea changed their license recently and Codeberg decided to fork the project into Forgejo.

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Big Tech is not the only threat to us. Don't think everything in the world can be divided into friend and foe.

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