Gjs keeps consuming RAM until everything crashes

As you can see in the screenshot, my dad's machine has 32GB of RAM (29 usable) and 27 GB were taken up, so it takes a while for it to "fill up" and the whole system to crash, but it will. I force closed the process and the RAM usage went down to 2.7 GB...

The process keeps leaking memory all the time: after he logins, after I force close the process.

How can I troubleshoot/fix it?

He is on Zorin OS 17 Core and everything is up to date.

This may be worth a read: gjs consumes up to ~30 gigabytes of RAM, then crashes · Issue #806 · GSConnect/gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect · GitHub

GSConnect is not installed. The problem is the Zorin Desktop Icons extension that has the memory leak. Turning it off stops the issue and turning it on starts that faulty process. Should this be reported to the devs?

You could try to reinstall it and look if it still eats Your RAM.

How would I do that? The Zorin extensions are not available in Gnome's store. Should I just cut them from the folder they are in onto another folder, and then paste back it?

Suggest that your dad logs in with 'Zorin on Xorg' at login. It's a known bug when running under Wayland (yet another reason to ditch Wayland!):

Open the Terminal and type sudo apt reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-desktop-icons and then make a Reboot.