Gjs pop-up?

I've been getting this pop-up When closing a doc."gjs not responding" Could some fine fellow tell me what it means?

This means that one of your gnome-extensions is having a conflict with the Wayland display protocol. You can try using Zorin Desktop on x as a workaround, or remove the extension...

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Thank you for the help. But you've given me 3 new things to work out. So much to learn, so little time to learn it. Really, thanks a lot. I'll work on this.
Hank B.

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You can change between Xorg and Wayland using the gear icon at the lower right of the Login Screen.

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I'm going for it! Do you think this may tie in with this other pesky little bug? I no longer am able to download any PDF files. Some creditors are actually becoming quite rude over the delays this has caused.

It might... Are you downloading .pdf files contained within a specific pdf reader application?

I found Wayland under windowing system but don't see any referance to Xorg. Could the ability to switch possibly be a Pro option

Online creditor site has button to press to "View, Download" After causing I get a message drop down saying "Login Failed".

I must be getting tired. It says "Download failed". I very much fear that my brain is beginning to pay for it's misbehaviour in the 60's.

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Using Firefox?

The default Firefox on Zorin OS 17 is a Flatpak, which is containerized and cannot communicate with the system.

You might test using a .deb package format Firefox or other browser like Chrome.

Again, Thank you so much Aravisian for taking the time to guide someone who has spent way to many years wadding through the Pablem of Microsoft Windows. Goodnight

I'll hit it with Chrome first thing tomorrow. Thanks

The Firefox flatpak package allows access to the Downloads folder by default, so that shouldn't be a problem. The error message seems to imply that some form of authentication is needed.

Using a Chromium-based browser might do the trick though, now that (sadly) many websites are starting to treat Firefox as a second class citizen.

Here's a screenshot that shows how you can switch between Xorg and Wayland (Wayland is the option that simply says "Zorin Desktop"). Remember, you must login normally first and then logout of your account to see this button at the lower right corner.