GLIBC Version Update?

I was wondering if anyone or if a Zorin OS dev could answer if the glibc version is going to be updated in Zorin 16 or 17? Currently the installed version is 2.31 and there's a few programs that require 2.32 or higher such as ALVR. I'd very much like to use my Quest 2 on Linux instead of having to boot into windows every time just to play vr games. I know it's probably a minor issue since most other things seems to work correctly with version 2.31 however, after searching through the forums for a bit it seems like there at least a few others that would also like to use programs that require glibc 2.32+ also. The latest stable release is 2.38, so we're a bit behind considering that 2.31 released before Zorin 16.

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If GLIBC is on the 20.04 LTS base, check to see if it is on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS repository since that will be the Zorin 17 base. Not sure what other advice to give.

Great advice actually. So it looks like Ubuntu 22.04 is currently using version 2.35-0ubuntu3.3 so if that is the base for Zorin 17 then I guess I'll be waiting for that to finally ditch windows for vr. Unless Valve releases their new vr hmd that they're supposedly working on first...unless the software for that for some reason also requires glibc 2.35+.

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I am guessing that it will be December this year when Zorin 17 gets released. Just a guess. Only a few more months.

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