Gnome 40 zorin os 16 ultimate

zorin os 16 should implement gnome 40, I've seen a lot of video that they say; I can't wait to see how Pop and Zorin implement this in their current environment.

This is video:

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If and when it happened, I would switch to either LMDE or MXLinux:

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Gnome 40 is good.

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Would you mind to elaborate this observation a bit? I am always eager to hear from the people with a different opinion.

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Most of linux reviewers give positive review.

That does not mean much considering it is their job to push what is supposed to be trending.


I understand that one of the reasons for not including it in Zorin 16 was that it is still missing many extensions.


To be honest, I'm not going to go back to Windows: I really like Zorin os, and I'm waiting for the official version to come out this month, I hope to see it soon to make the purchase

This Reddit thread really covers a lot of ground:

Even those that say they love Gnome also point out that Gnome disables user control, asserting its Dominance and Gnome 40 takes this even further.

But then again, gnome devs/designers know what's best for their users all the time

You are far from being alone in your dislike of the new layout. From what I have seen, majority of positive reactions are coming from those not using GNOME or those sing it with a touch pad on a laptop. A lot of the positive feedback is tied to gestures which look great for touch pad use. Unfortunately, new layout is complete garbage if you want to use it with a mouse.
I'm simply staying on Fedora 33 until EOL or someone comes up with an extension that will properly make GNOME usable again.

Clarification in parentheses mine:

It's a shame we need to bloat the DE with third party code. (extensions just to make it work or be usable).

As always, the loudest report is that one about User Interface functionality being thwarted or removed entirely:

Not sure why you're throwing KDE into this. I've been using it for almost a decade now. It's stayed fairly consistent, offers the familiar desktop, panel and launcher style interface, is fully customizable in just about every way. Doesn't hide anything from you, doesn't make things obtuse or opaque. Never tried to force some mobile interface on you. It's pretty much the opposite of GNOME in every way.

Gnome is a Microsoft Windows wanna-be, emulating its style with stripping away UI (Only Gnome does it far, far more than Windows ever did) while pushing its own desires onto the user, whether the user likes it or not. Then the Tech-articles try to convince us that Gnome is great for us.
Gnome 40 Is an Acceleration of this behavior, removing even simple things like Scrollbar Steppers - whatever it takes to ensure that Gnome has a Unique Brand Image, regardless of User Experience.

I congratulate you on your decision.
It's been four years since I left Windows, staying on Zorin Os, and I don't regret it at all.
I do not deny that sometimes I have tried to go back, mostly because of problems with some driver related to the graphics card but I quickly returned.
I find it very permeable in terms of security, with a lot of programs running in the background, and the attempts to violate your privacy and their insistence that you use their programs.
I know Gnu Linux is not perfect, no operating system is, but I feel very comfortable here, especially in Zorin Os Ultimate.
"When you have drunk the sweet elixir of freedom, you don't want to drink again from the bitter cup of slavery".

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I was reading it and you are quite right; Zorin is well designed for you: thank you