Gnome 42/43 on zorin OS

Hey there everyone, I have been running Zorin OS core for a few years now and just bought a laptop from StarLabs with Zorin Pro installed on it.
I have a GitHub project i would like to install on it however the project requires Gnome 42+ and is optimised for 43 so i ran gnome-shell --version and got GNOME Shell 3.38.4 are we seriously on Gnome 3 still???? a mean c'mon!
so what i want to know is, are we really on Gnome 3 or did i make a mistake and if we are really on a system so lame as to still be that out of date in 2023 is there a way to update without ruining my system or will i have to switch distros if i want this feature? and for Zorin OS team: if this be the case, you should seriously consider making an updater for Gnome for at least your paid customers... some of us like the Gnome LibadWhateverItIs theming that Gnome is doing and what the updates.
After Thought: also worth mentioning that I have been running Linux since I was 10 it is like second nature, I can get around the system pretty well.

It's not possible without breaking the system. You have to wait for Zorin 17 which are based on Ubuntu 22.04 or move to like Fedora. The latest Gnome comes with less features than Gnome 3 and it introduce some new irritating bugs, I had run the latest Gnome but went back to Gnome 3.


With this utter nonsense: Thread Closed.

When you learn how to behave in a civil and decent manner without slamming such Out-Of-Line ad hominem attacks, you can consider trying again with a less abusive and demeaning O.P.

Seriously. Comoooon.

The O.P. in a private message did something rather extraordinary that we rarely see on the forum.
The O.P. said "I am sorry" in recognition of some mistakes made.
It is notable that mistakes are rarely ever made entirely alone.
And apologizing is very hard to do in the heat of disagreement.
With this, publicly, I extend apologies of my own. The forum is a place that must deal in rigorous facts and reliable information, just as much as with reliable and stable software and packaging.

A personal note: A part of why I took a lengthy hiatus from the forum was due to a lack of trust in myself to handle the hard Posts with my usual calm or more directed approaches. And this post here is a testament to that.
I firmly believe the thread needed to be closed swiftly. I also believe I could have worded that closure a lot better.
I leave the aggravation in my tone above unedited. Given time to think it all over- if the O.P. wants to reopen the thread and seek more information about what options are available to help their computing needs - that can happen.