Gnome 42 Update

There was an update to gnome 42 on my Endevour OS installation and I noticed some changes in the appearance settings.

  1. It uses the new adwaita theme only .
  2. None of the wallpapers added appear as thumbnails.
  3. Change background includes the light or dark theme selection.
  4. No options for using other themes.

I haven't installed gnome tweaks to see if I can override the default theme on the settings apt due having a budgie installation.

Libadwaita. We all knew this was coming... it has been discussed heavily... and by me, at least... rather emotionally.
Since this directly affects GTK4 and therefor, all other non-QT desktops, this will also affect all Linux Desktop users in time, not just Gnome Users.

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I have seen the discussion, but this is my first experience with it. The wallpaper viewer seems to be broken. There is no way to override the default theme on the settings app in gnome tweaks. The good news is gnome tweaks and extensions are still available for now .

Edit: Have now installed the Gnome version of Endevour OS and custom themes only apply to what are termed legacy applications. All gnome default apps use adwaita.

That's why I installed Zorin Lite.

That's dreaded news. I wonder what other DE will do that are depended on GTK? Maybe a fork of GTK3?

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Mate was a gnome 2 fork so anything is possible. This is why Josh Strobel is doing a complete rewrite of budgie based on efl.


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will include gnome 42, so I'm curious if Zorin 17 will be the same.
Edit: is appears the theming on my Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 installation has not been affected by gnome 42. ???

You know everything is top secret what will be in Zorin 17. That is good choice to another some people don't stealing a ideas. I reading on Fedora 35 gaming there is option the system automatic searching correct drivers and installing them. Some good forward option to not using terminal.

Gnome 42 looks very good in my opinion, I didn't try theming yet. I just looked around in the test environment and it looks very nice and consistant.

I reading more people starting accept a GNOME42
I was also atacked on another forum if talking something wrong about gnome 42. Maybe linux taking some Darwin evolution from ice age to hot age?

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I've noticed over the years that in the Linux world there are topics that people become very passionate about from time to time. Wayland, Gnome 3, Gnome 4, and system D are a few examples.

When it comes to Gnome, those familiar with the devolution might possibly be more jaded than new users who didn't experience slow calculated removal of features and customization. Gnome no longer welcomes input from the users of the product.


So Gnome is some kind a kingdom where people cannot in if they not accept a "Gnome King"?

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Looks to me like Fedora has retained an older version of Gnome settings as a work-around along with Ubuntu Budgie and Ultramarine Linux.

Zorin apperance are Gnome.

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