Gnome 46 is out ... what does this mean for Zorin?

Just found out Gnome 46 is out.

What does this mean for Zorin?

Will we see a software update ... ?

No. I don't think so. Gnome 46 wil come with Ubuntu 24. And when Zorin 18 in the Future will come, then we could get Gnome 46 - or Zorin makes it like with Zorin 17 and use a different Version.

And the Point is: to change the Gnome Version in a running Version is ... difficult. Because you must adjust all other Components to this new Desktop. And we have now Gnome 43. So we would overjump 3 Versions.

And to do that in a Point Release ... No.

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Noo... not in 18 in a 17. We gotta have it, get it we must rush to it NOW I want now, not in a minute, in a Now. Gimmie it now it's new it's great I want it and I want it NOW.


I would say it's unlikely in the current release. A desktop environment it's quite the collection of software packages, and upgrade them all without breaking something else in the underlying system can be tricky.
Zorin OS in particular also relies on a number of Gnome extensions that tend to break between major versions of Gnome which makes things more difficult.

To get the latest possible packages available you can use what's known as a rolling-release distribution. Those are distributions that don't have the same version scheme like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian or Zorin OS, since they are constantly being updated.
If you are curious about this, I recommend trying Fedora* or OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

* Fedora is not technically a rolling release distribution but it uses a very fast release cycle as to stay very up to date.


LOL at @Aravisian's response. Nice sarcasm. Well played.


Thanks to everyone. I guess the Zorin Group will get Gnome 46 out to us when it's the right time. This is my first time with Zorin OS and a major release of Gnome, so I wasn't sure how these major releases have been handled in the past. Thanks again.

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First, Zorin is not a rolling release which means they release every so often. With Zorin, that means about every 2 years, maybe a little more. So, the current ZOS17 will be supported until late April 2027. ZOS 18 might be released after January 2026 which is pure speculation on my part.

If you want a newer version of GNOME but with more complexity, there is Fedora or Arch. (Ultramarine Linux is a good distribution based on Fedora I have come across very recently which seems very new-user friendly.)

Canonical will release their flagship Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) in less than 2 months with GNOME 46 but then they too will be locked-in for the LTS until April 2026. Most likely, Zorin will have a GNOME 46 series desktop too sometime around January 2026 two years after Ubuntu. Zorin always runs behind but they are their own thing overall so it does not matter. They take a solid Ubuntu base and GNOME desktop environment and make it unique with a Zorin look and elegant workflow.

Zorin is more about the overall experience - complexities/friction are removed/reduced for everyone's benefit. From package management, to layouts, to their own limited repositories - Zorin makes Linux better than Windows or Mac.

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No, I get it. For Gnome specifically, each major version (be it 45 or 46 or whatever), the Zorin Group has to take it and modify it as part of each major Zorin OS release. I get it now. Please disregard my earlier question. Thanks.

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