GNOME Boxes crash and virt-manager problem

Just how @Aravisian said about GNOME Boxes, I tried it. When I went to create a VM for Windows XP, it crashes. What’s the problem?

Also, when I went to run Windows Xp VM on virt-manager, it can’t boot. It says, ‘No bootable device selected. I have QEMU installed, and also I have created the VM with ISO in it. What’s the problem?

How much RAM did you allocate?

For virt, like less than 10GiB. Boxes couldn’t even load the prompt for VM creation.

Hmmm... as you are also currently questioning VmWare in another thread, I think we will focus on that, first.
VmWare is pretty solid, whereas Gnome-Boxes is easy to use but can be... uhh... buggy. It is great when it works.
But VmWare is preferable...

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In respect of Virt-Manager, you need to install whatever OS you want to a virtual disc. I get the same issue if I try and run Zorin 17 in live mode without installing - on launching the live iso it can't find the image because it hasn't been installed.
Another point to note about virt-manager is that it saves virtual installed drives in /var and if there is not enough space, it won't for example take additional images. In Devuan 3.1.1. I created a folder called 'storage' for all Virt-Manager virtual hd's.
XP won't run live, so you will have to install it as a Virtual Drive. It's been a while since I used VMWare Player (the free one) and that was only in Windows. I much prefer virt-manager, period.

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