Gnome Extension issue (chrome_gnome_shell)

I've been trying to get Gnome Extensions to work for ages.

They don't work on Firefox:

And not on Yandex either:

gnome-shell-extensions are installed:

Zorin Connect is installed:

gnome-browser-connector cannot be found:

But I keep getting these error messages.

Also this Ubuntu article could not help.

Can someone please help me to finally solve this problem?

Here is my Zorin version:

The Gnome Extensions Website was for me a Problem, too in the Past. Did You tried it with the Extensions Manager? With that You can manage and install gnome Extensions. It is available in the Gnome Software Store:

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sure, but no success till now:


don't now if that helps but on Vivaldi I get a different output:

Your native host connector does not support the following APIs: v6. You should probably update the Native Host Connector or install any missing extensions or APIs. See the documentation for instructions on installing the connector.

wow what an endless game!


sudo apt autoremove

removed a lot of Zorin extensions wich now are no more compatibe.


Seems I have to reinstall.


Okay, first to:

You typed there in the Search Bar ''Gnome Extension''. That is not neccessary because this whole Thing shows Gnome Extensions. You type there the Extension that You want or You search.

If You don't know what you really search You could search on the Website (You can free search there) and when You have found what You are looking for take the Name and put it in the Serach Bar from the Extension Manager.

To make it clear with in Example: Let's say you want a more customizable Task Bar; ther would be Dash To Panel a good Thing. So, You open the Extension Manager and go to the Browse Tab (in german: suchen) and type there ''Dash To Panel'':

To use the Website: Did you installed the Gnome Extensions Browser Plug-in?

Do you know what exactly was removed? You could try a sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-desktop in the Terminal.

Dash to dock brought the task bar back but the start button is still missing.

sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-desktop

did not bring the Zorin taskbar exension back.

Thanks, but no matter I will reinstall or find another solution :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

For the Start Menu I can name You Arcmenu. But when You want the whole Zorin-own Extensions back I would suggest to use the Synaptic Package Manager. You can install it simply with the Terminal Command sudo apt install synaptic

When You have installed it, open it and search for gnome-shell-extension-zorin and then You should get a List with the Zorin-own Extensions that You can install.

If You want to begin from the Start a fresh (Re-)Installation of Zorin is an Option, too.

dont ask me how I did that but its back after a reboot.
Thanks for your help!

I will get the Gnome extensions thing solved with the next installation on better hardware :wink:

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