Gnome extensions not working

i just installed zorin and i want to install gnome extensions
i set it up correctly (installed gnome tweaks and the gnome extension)
but when i switch the on/off switch to install extensions it doesnt do anything
please help

If I understand your post correctly, you are saying that you did infact install the gnome browser integration. And when you go to here and turn on an extension and it looks exactly like this...

And then you go to Gnome-Tweaks, and to the Extensions tab, and you confirm that your extension is on, just like this...

Your telling me that the extension is not working? Are you absolutely sure its not, and you simply not understanding where the extension is to be accessed once on? I say this, cause in the way of CPU Power Manager, once activated, its located here in my taskbar...


Have you logged out or restarted since installing chrome-gnome-shell ? I would also check compatibility on the gnome extensions page. On well maintained extensions there will be a menu where you select the proper version. Use the following to check version in the terminal. gnome-shell --version

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