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Hi! How i can reinstall zorin-desktop? I have install kde plasma and zorin-desktop themes had been broken. I just delete kde but zorin-desktop interface looks very bad

sudo apt remove -y zorin-os-desktop && sudo apt install -y zorin-os-desktop

You must also remove the Breeze Theme that KDE brings with it.
I recommend installing Synaptic package Manager.

sudo apt install synaptic

Launch Synaptic and use the Search button at the top to search for all of




And remove all remaining KDE or Plasma D.E. elements.
Installing the KDE Desktop (plasma 5) is easy. Removing it is not so easy.
You may need to reset your ~/.config directory...

To reinstall the Zorin Desktop (You probably will not actually need this but since you asked:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop


That brings back lots of unpleasant memories ..... I'm sure you remember it well when I tried to load KDE with my other DE's ..... your suggestion worked then and it will work now ..... :thinking:

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For me, too. I remember when I also installed Plasma.
And Trinity.

It took a thermonuclear device to get it all off of the machine.


In Linux Desktop, DE is too large package to be easily tested. I think this is preventing DE from competing and developing.

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