GNOME Screenshot copy to clipboard?

When I used POP OS, after capturing a screen, it copied it to the clipboard. How do I configure this in Zorin Os?

copy to clipboard after screenshot with gnome screenshots

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It should automatically put the screenshot to the clipboard. Have you installed any other clipboard utilities that might be interfering with that function?

Zorin menu > Utilities > Screenshot

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When you take a screenshot there is option to copy to clipboard, a button top left on the interface.

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I opened it, but there is no option to copy to clipboard after screenshot.

Nothing appears in my notifications, see:

I tried clicking Copy on a screenshot and then Paste here on a Firefox tab, Firefox opened the screenshot in the browser :smile:. Anyway the only way I see to copy to clipboard is using Screenshot app itself and click Copy to clipboard once you screenshot :desktop_computer::boom::gun:. If you want to copy to clipboard automatically after screenshotting you'll need another screenshots utility, GNOME Screenshot hasn't an option to do this action. I did a search on Software Center and both reading software info and watching pictures Flameshot and CoreShot have a button to copy to clipboard but maybe they work as Screenshot, so require running the software to click Copy to clipboard instead of auto-copying :person_shrugging:. Some interesting stuff :point_down::

I tried Ctrl + PrtSc but didn't work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Go to keyboard shortcuts in settings, there is a copy screenshot to clipboard entry. Assign printscreen button to it.


I saw it, but anyway in my case it's Ctrl + PrtSc by default so this action looks not working, but I hope it works for hermesalvesbr, the simple Screenshot features are enough for me :grin:.

As @Lui04 mentioned:

Although I figure this will be simpler in ZorinOS 17 as with GNOME 44 I get the screenshot automatically copied to clipboard.

You could try installing Shutter. When I used KDE, Spectacle was the best screenshot application. Now I am using Rox Ice-wm as my go to DE in Antix. The screenshot utility there only has save function but I can live with that as I have the OS that meets my needs of no systemd and no Pulse Audio. True freedom!:grin:

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