Gnome-shell-extension connector not recognised [SOLVED]

Zorin "gnome-shell-extension is actived but connector is unknown"
this is the error message I get from I cannot add any gnome extension without it.

Is that a known problem with then zorin package gnome-shell-extension ???

Here is a printscreen of it (with text in french) :

Bonjour mon ami! How extensions work now have changed significantly with Zorin 17 and the version of Gnome deployed. You need to install Gnome Extension Manager from Software.

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It depends on the version of GNOME and if it is compatible with with that version. On my extension manager it shows extensions that are compatible or "unsupported". See attached images.

OK, but it's an application. I don't need to use the site anymore since it keeps giving the same error.

It's OK I have figured it out now ! Thanks a lot for the info :+1:

Merci! :+1:

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