Gnome-Software apt lock error

My software center is really buggy and creates a lot of problems in Zorin OS. It gets stuck and keep giving strange errors which I can't understand. So, I thought of reinstalling Software Center through Terminal to fix problems but this happened

Pls Help

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Please include when posting your system specs as this helps the Mods and others when assisting you in a resolution to your problem

System specs:

Make of Computer

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You must close Synaptic Package Manager, then run the terminal command. Apt can only manage One Package Management at a time.

Once done, please also run the following command in terminal:

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates

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Thank you for such warm welcome. I'm overwhelmed by such welcome on a forum as I have never got such warm welcome on any forum till now.

My System Specs are:
CPU- Intel® Pentium(R) CPU N3540
GPU- Intel HD Graphics (BayTrail)
HDD- 500GB
Zorin OS- Core 16
Make of Computer- HP made my laptop somewhere around 2014
Model- HP Notebook 15-r119TU

Thank you once again for such a warm welcome, it's very well appreciated by me.
Have a nice day ahead.


Thank you for providing solution so fast. And sorry for using wrong tags as I'm new on Zorin Forum and don't have ideas of tags and all the stuff.

Thank you,
Have a nice day ahead.


No problem, fixing things is what we do. :wink:


I've another Question, I have been reading many complaints about Software Center to be buggy and stuff, so why Developers are not fixing this issue of Software Center and remove all the Bugs from Software Center?
And I have uninstalled Telegram as it was causing problems in my System but still, I'am seeing it's update in update tab, what show I do?

The Software store is developed by Gnome, not by the ZorinGroup.

ZorinGroup included Gnome-Software as it most resembles Windows Microsoft Store.
But yes... Gnome-software is quite buggy. You can help by filling out Bug Reports with Gnome Developers to alert them to issues with the application.

Many of us prefer Synaptic, which I see you have installed already.

You might open Synaptic and search
Then remove any remaining Telegram application files.


Cursed Gnome strikes again....

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Wow what a picutre.


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