Gnome Tweak Tool in a Xfce environment

I am new user of ZorinOS 16 Lite. Yesterday I tried a install a theme ( I didn't know how to install a theme then). As Zorin lite uses Xfce desktop environment yet I tried to install Gnome Tweak tool using the command "sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool".

After that there was a lot of thing running in the terminal. It run some packages after after a while a asked me if I wanted gdm3 or lightdm. I selected gdm3. After a while I thought I don't know what I am doing, so I cancelled the terminal.

  1. So I wanted to know, did I create a major problem for the system by cancelling it?

  2. As I cancelled when the work hasn't been done completely, would it create unnecessary junk files in my system? If so, how can I find and clean them?

  3. Will it create any change or problem in the Xfce? I think after that my lock screen kinda changed, the clock have gone too left. Is there any possibility that some things installed and others are not?

  4. I saw a post in Ubuntu forum that Gnome Tweak tool can not run in a Xfce environment. Is it true?

Quite possibly, yes. Let's correct that.

sudo apt install --reinstall lightdm

At the prompts, choose LightDM as your display manager

After all of the above has been done, in terminal please run

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

It may cause a problem. With GDM fully installed, you should not have any problems other than lack of familiarity with the differences between GDM and LightDM.

Yes, it is true. Gnome-Tweak Tool is for Gnome, only. But XFCE comes with its own theme manager and tweak settings without any need to install anything extra. From your Zorin App Menu - click Settings. This will launch the xfce4-settings-manager application.
From here, you can choose your Theme from Appearance > Style
Icon theme from Appearance > Icons
You can choose your cursor them from Mouse & Touchpad > Themes
So you may as well remove the not-needed gnome tweak tool:

sudo apt remove --purge gnome-tweaks

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