Gnome Updates

hi guys i was wondering if any can help me im trying to update gnome extension but its keep giving me an error user session and i cant update anything any suggestion

did you try just reinstalling it?
also, open the Extensions app and check for updates there, that might help

yes this is on a fresh install and got the extensions app as well

You might try killall gnome-software then remove the ~/cache/gnome-software directory.
Relaunch Gnome-Software and test...

i did try this but it keeps saying the
same thing i think i have to wait till zorin send out update - i did manage to do a few so not so many need it know but the ones that are left are system ones ,its not just the desktop icons either- its the same error for all .

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Move to the Extensions tab and disable the Desktop Icons Extension.
The re-try the above.

yes tried that i have even installed gnome session logged on a differnt user update some but still running into the same issue with other

In terminal, can you run:

sudo apt --fix-broken install

sudo dpkg --configure -a

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