GNOME visual artifacts after upgrade from Core 16.3 to Core 17

I'm experiencing GNOME visual artifacts on two systems I upgraded from Core 16.3 to Core 17. I do not experience these issues on a fresh install.

Notice the gray bar behind dash and the desktop picker.

The password field, Wayland/X11 button, and GNOME Quick Settings (not pictured) are not of the correct theme/style.

Has anyone seen similar issues? Any pointers as to which files I might copy over from a fresh install to address the visual artifacts?


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Do you have that on Wayland and X11? It doesn't look like for me but: Do You use another Theme or Icon Set?

Yes, same artifacts in Xorg as in Wayland. And I am using the Zorin Dark theme.
But your question reminded me that I had used an Ubuntu change-gdm-background script. The gnome-shell-theme.gresource file that the script created was still there. Once I removed it and symbolically linked to the correct new location, the visual artifacts disappeared. Thanks for your help!