Gnome vs KDE

Why would i stay with Gnome when KDE has so much customization available? Do i lose anything crucial by going with KDE? Any opinions are welcome!

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First, if on Zorin, it would be an older version. Think Kubuntu 20.04 LTS, I think below 5.20 but not sure.

Zorin does a lot of nice tweaks not limited to appearance and optimization that benefit GNOME and GTK apps. Whatever KDE you get won’t benefit from those little things done by Zorin for Zorin. So, some apps may look different. Qt has gotten better for non-Qt platforms but it may be issue for some people.

I have warmed up to KDE too but I installed it on a separate SSD. I use Tuxedo OS and Kubuntu 23.04 - both are similar but with key differences.

Kubuntu is based on Ubuntu, it is solid, but uses Snap packages too which for some people might be a problem. You can install Flatpak support. Kubuntu is extremely easy to use with no glitches.

Tuxedo OS is based on the latest Ubuntu/Kubuntu LTS. It has no Snaps but does come with Flatpaks by default. Furthermore, it is much like KDE Neon with a rolling release of the Plasma desktop environment. From, my experience, they seem to delay the DE somewhat because using it has been more stable and reliable than Neon. Tuxedo has been a joy to use.

I think Kubuntu or Tuxedo is the way to go for KDE. Or there is Debian too and some Debian-based distros with KDE that are extremely good including MX, Neptune, and Q4OS.

Good luck! :v:


Thanks for that 337harvey ..... I had tried KDE a long time ago but didn't like it because it took over everything and made it KDE apts even if I didn't want it to change some settings ..... but I believe I used KDE full and not desktop ..... I will do a full drive backup using Rescuezilla before I installing the KDE Desktop when I get ready to try it ..... :+1:

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KDE i reading many people using him to get a macos desktop.
I am learning the best way using one type desktop.
It changing some packages in /etc/ or some another folder. Don't remember.
It gived you conflict packages.
I remember when I installed KDE on Zorin where it was a Gnome or Cinnamon.
After uninstalled, KDE was not fully removed.
So the my experience on Zorin desktop what mostly are safety are xfce,cinnamon and gnome.
Gnome Desktop what I reading they are plenty app what are not tested with security and stable. Could be risk to your operating system or could be crashed your Zorin distribution or put some viruses. The app can eating more ram or could be freeze, maybe it fixed. I don't know.
That why I am not a fun Gnome. This is something like a this.

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This is what I enjoy most about Linux. Not being locked in and tied down.

Customization and fine tuning my machine to suit me is very important to me.
KDE, Enlightenment, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon all offer more in the way of configuring and customizing.
And for users that have different preferences, different workflow, want a kiosk-like D.E. that is less easily changed or altered by users, then Pantheon, Gnome or Budgie can fit the bill.

No, not at all. You might not "feel" like you are on Zorin OS the same way.
But early on, I began changing and modifying Zorin OS to suit me and I never stopped. In the end, another user might look at my system and say, "That is not Zorin OS, anymore."
I wouldn't agree. There is more to Zorin OS under the hood. It is not composed only of Zorin Appearance and the themes.
What defines Zorin OS to me is its adaptability, completeness in Open Source, ease of access and its top notch performance.

I have used Mint. I have used Kubuntu. And strangely, Cinnamon and Plasma both work more smoothly on Zorin OS. I believe that a big part of why they do is that ZorinGroup keeps things Simple and Conflict Free.
While many distros try to ensure keeping their desktop elements that make it Unique, the ZorinGroup does not do that. They adhere, strictly, to allowing user configuration and control and in that very regard - Created the most unique Distro I have tried.
And I have tried many.

And being able to install any desktop environment you want onto Zorin OS without it breaking it is its strongest point.

That being said; There is always an element of risk in installing other D.E.'s and while I have done so... A LOT on Zorin OS and never had any issues; this doesn't mean it is 100% safe. Always make backups, first. With KDE, if you decide to revert to the standard Zorin OS D.E., you must be sure to remove Breeze themes as they will Interfere with Zorin OS Themes and appearance unexpectedly.


Reading your post I understable some desktop enviroment better working on Zorin.

In my opinion, yes.
I think Enlightenment functions the same as on Elive. But Cinnamon is faster and does not bog down on Zorin OS.

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I have experience with xfce and Cinnamon on Zorin and yes they working diffrent from gnome.
KDE i have on arch but this is many settings and is near Windows design.
On Cinnamon I liked you can in menu start put your app or software to the favorite and then you seeing on left side your all mostly popular using app or software.
I know also in Zorin what I remember was desktop on Zorin Pro it was the taskbar on the left and middle. Propably Fedora desktop enviroment.
Zorin like you sayed yes is very adoption to any desktops, kernels and many another things. I know on linux can working everything. If someone told you this is not working that is lie. Linux is everywhere. On the earth and Universe.
I reading Microsoft writing in rust new operating system also help people with project what working on RUST. That is interesting if POP OS get a donation and working on project Desktop Enviroment.

i ran sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop and got this in terminal.

E: Unable to locate package kde-plasma-desktop

anyone know a remedy? i ran it in root to no avail aswell. thanks

I think if you install:

sudo apt install kde-full

you will get the plasma desktop - I think you have to do this so that you change the DE with the cog, bottom right of the screen at login.
Last time I installed KDE on Zorin was a few years ago now, and it was 4.x. KDE Neon uses Ubuntu as it's main base and its software channel clearly indicates whether you will be installing Snap or Flatpak version of an application. The only thing you can't do in KDE is use Synaptic Package Manager. Plasma based OS's will require install via the terminal if not in the Software channel of:

sudo flatpak install [name of application]

If it finds the application you will be prompted to answer 'y' or 'n' to install or not.
the other point to mention is don't use KMail as it is dependent on akonodi which is very flaky. Also earlier versions of Discover (=Software channel/Store) is also flaky. Apper is much better for KDE Plasma.

You can often adjust this in the applications .desktop file. Some apps include a line that says

This line can be removed altogether or changed to include the D.E. you want it to show in the app menu of.

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