GNOME Web (Epiphany) as default browser

The default browser in Zorin OS should be GNOME Web, since it goes with the system UI, is fast, and supports the Firefox sync. It even has an intergrated ADBlocker, wich can be useful for new users.

The only thing that is missing is extensions, but it can still be a good start browser.
And if the user needs another browser, he can find it in Software !

I disagree, Firefox is the better browser. I generally dislike gnome software anyway due to them being intentionally limited and restrictive and I find the UI paradigm in modern gnome very unintuitive.

Especially with Zorin positioning itself as a good choice for people migrating from Windows, GNOME Web is very different from Edge or Chrome or Firefox that most users will be used to. If you want a vanilla gnome experience, you shouldn't be looking at Zorin in the first place.

Maybe have a choice dialog during the installation process or on first login? Or, as you say, if you don't like the default then just install something else from the Software store or apt.


This is an understatement and indeed, the lack of settings, features, options and add-ons for Epiphany Browser would leave new users aghast.
Epiphany Browser is solid and certainly has its place. But it really is geared more toward power users interested in specific browser tasks.


You can customize Firefox to look like Web:

This has a clear statement.

Zorin OS is the alternative to Windows and macOS designed to make your computer faster, more powerful, secure, and privacy-respecting. -- Zorin OS - Make your computer better.

Zorin OS is designed for this purpose and is different from Gnome's design. I think it is reasonable to adopt Firefox as the default browser.


A useful thing i found with web is that its compatible with the search system. You can enable Web as a search system from the search settings in GNOME Settings, and i can do Google Search from my Zorin Menu. (Maybe Firefox does too, but its not installed right now, and Chrome doesn't do it)

I think Firefox as the default Browser is a good Option. When People knowing it from Windows Usage they don't need to care about a different Browser.

But what I would like to see in Zorin: That they add the Mozilla-ow Repo by default so You can use the Firefox .deb Version. So You get it directly from the Developer.


As much I love Epiphany, I don't think it should be default as people want familiarity when the begin their journey in the Linux world.


Going to have to agree with others. Now for those coming from MacOS that were using Safari, it would be more familiar, and I have a few converts that were asking about options. Both are happy with it. However, with Windows converts, this will not be as smooth. They want a more familiar system when they begin the journey. Also, it is more a case of Zorin using Gnome as the base for their desktop environment. As a developer, I use Epiphany for testing and it is a nice browser.

I just recently converted both of my two brothers machines to Linux. They both wanted me to leave Firefox as the default browser because they were familiar with Firefox. I prefer ungoogled Chromium but they didn't want to have to learn a new browser along with getting used to a new OS.

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I remember in the early days of Zorin they developed a 'web browser chooser', back in the day when browsers hadn't been sold off as Data Scrapers, and the Zorin web browser manager app was 'stolen' by Feren OS and I think in one iteration of PearOS.