Gnome3 didn't get the release file

I just got the issue with gnome3 didn't get the release file & not secure So Anyone knows :thinking: :smiley: :smiley: how can I resolve it

Remove Gnome3 repository in your source list.


Okay but its effect on appearance & reinstall as well? :thinking: :thinking:

I'm not following you? The reason you get an error is that the Gnome3 repository you have somehow added to your sourcelist is not available for Zorin16 (ubuntu 20.04).

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Oh Okay but Zorin OS used Gnome3 or XFCE
See by Yourself (I think)

To be sure that my current version is Zorin os 16.2

You added an extra Repository that is unneeded.
The Zorin Repository contains all the packages needed for gnome 3.38, as it is part of the Zorin OS Core Desktop.

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Thanks @Aravisian @Storm

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