Going back to windows

My Machine is good with the zorin os but the problem is that for some reason cant get java installed (nor anything really) without it not working etc even tho its for linux and i want to switch back can someone give me an easy tutorial? (im new to linux)

I assume use your system came with a restore CD or has a partition on the disk to recover?

I'd Google how to restore you make and model and go from there.

Unless you want help figuring out whats wrong when installing Java etc.?
In that case create a new thread and people will help.

Not really, all i found is ubuntu and not zorin os if its the same please tell me since im new to linux and i dont understand everything

and if you know how to boot from usb in zorin please tell me thanks!

Zorin OS is built on Ubuntu 18.04. So any instructions for Ubuntu will mostly work with Zorin OS.

You can see here a set of instructions on creating a live USB.

Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04. because of this, most issues you might search can be covered by tutorials for Ubuntu 18.04, except for some Zorin OS Specific apps.
As an example, this guide is exactly the same as how to install Java-default on Zorin OS, or Linux Mint or any other Distro that uses Ubuntu as its foundation build.

Open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t or from the App menu and then you can right click - paste the commands straight from the webpage, one at a time, as you follow the guide.

Booting from a USB in Zorin is the same as with any other OS, including Windows or Mac. Start the computer, then hit your manufacturers specific key for entering the boot order. On My Acer, it is F12. On other machines it is F8. Just search by your computer make and model and you should find which key it is.
Select the USB drive from the boot order menu that you wish to boot from.


Thank you!