Going to BIOS after Starlabs update

I had an update from Starlabs. It did the update but now when boot I get this.

If I choose F10 the laptop boots normally and all works fine. Not sure what has happened. I have sent the same image and a message to Starlabs themselves to see what they say.

You did what I would do - that’s a BIOS issue so Starlabs would know what to do.
Not sure if any of the comments here help: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2183878-rom-image-is-not-loaded-rom-image-update-denied

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Not actually stuck. If I press F10 it continues the boot and works fine.

Corrected. Thanks.

Pleased to report that Starlabs took me through resetting the bios and putting the updates through via USB stick. All is back to normal. Absolutely superb service from Starlabs.

Thanks for following-up and I’m glad it is taken care of.
If it is not too much trouble, and you think it may help future readers, would you mind posting any details you would be willing to share? Only if you think it would be something users can do on their own without having to contact Starlabs.

Well. The exact cause of the issue isn’t known but these are the instructions I was given.

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Bad news. The same update appeared so I made absolutely sure I did exactly what it said and now my laptop has to go to Starlabs as it was turned into a nicely build aluminium paperweight.