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I can't seem to switch my desktop environment at login. I click the gear, select my DE (kde plasma), and login... Oh no! I've been logged out for no reason. Any ideas why this happens?????


I am new to Linux, so I don't know how to solve it. Did you say you're running an old Desktop Environment?

Maybe you should probably install a newer desktop enviroment?

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@randomPerson, please post your question about GDM3 login in the General Help sub-forum.


no just as a joke i actually believe it's new but i have experienced problems installing it as the new one 'doesn't exist' and the terminal cant find it.

I can't install a newer one!

Why exactly?

Because it will read the list and tell me it's installing the newest version; ehm... you clearly aren't.

I've posted mine here: Can’t change DE on Zorin!

I've already answered this question. Mods please lock this thread. Thanks.

eh, you helped (ty) but it's still not solved.

These are being addressed in the thread devoted to your D.E. issue.

I am constrained to agree. As noted in this post, this open thread may confuse members and require constant maintenance.