Google Account Setup crash into System Setting

Good morning everyone, this morning a problem happened, opening Evolution Mail and it wasn't connecting to the Google account, therefore, thinking it was a minor problem, I deleted the Google account from the system settings and then re-added it, but when I did I log in and pass the 2-factor authentication, when I confirm everything crashes, how can I attach to the screenshots.
this only happens on one pc, the others I have with zorin have no problem, reading around many attribute this problem to the incompatibility of webkit with certain nvidia drivers, which would also be a solution, if only my laptop had a gpu nvidia, while it only has an intel igpu.
The only differences between this PC and the others where everything works is that on the laptop last night I did the proposed system updates while on the new ones not yet, but if I remember correctly it was almost all related to LibreOffice so I doubt this is the problem.
I also tried resetting the gnome instance to return it to the default appearance, but that didn't work. I also tried deleting the .config and .cache folders from the home to reset, but that doesn't work either.

Thanks for support

You mean that clicking Attendi (Wait) it seems an endless hanging process? Never really goes on?

The problem seems to have been resolved today with an update, probably a libgtkwebkit problem, the login practically crashed.
now everything works perfectly.

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